Alcohol Results in Death of 2.6 Lakh Indians Every Year: WHO Report

New Delhi: At least 2.6 lakh Indians die due to alcohol consumption in India every year, a WHO report said. The causes of death range from health issues such as cancer and liver cirrhosis to road accidents caused by drunk driving.

The WHO report released on Friday further claimed that around 6,000 people are killed because of alcohol every day across the world. It revealed that 28 per cent deaths are due to injuries while 21 per cent are because of digestive disorders. The report asserted that 19 per cent deaths in the world, out of the 6,000 caused due to alcohol, are a result of cardiovascular diseases. The remaining ones are due to cancer, mental disorder and other health conditions.

Adding more, the study said that almost 1 lakh death that are reported on Indian roads every year are linked to alcohol abuse.

The UN health agency’s latest report on alcohol and health pointed out that alcohol causes more than one in 20 deaths globally each year, including drink driving, alcohol-induced violence and abuse and a multitude of diseases and disorders. The latest numbers are lower than those in WHO’s last report on global alcohol consumption, published in 2014. The nearly 500-page report also claimed that men account for more than three quarters of alcohol-related deaths.


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