How to Bring Social Responsibility to the Youth in India

India is a great country that is growing at a rate of 7 to 8% in spite of prevailing economic crisis. The youth today is intelligent, fashionable, self-employed and driven, in contrast rural India who is underprivileged and unaware. The change in lifestyle and aspirations has heightened the buying power and has created a big market for the companies that falls in the just employed category. It is important to now enlighten individuals who get side tracked in their ways to help the poor and needy, educate poor kids and bring about change in the various social and political norms. Firstly the corporate social responsibility activities in India involve the youth to establish the right to education, training and work. It should be made in order to benefit from a system of universal education. It should involve both gainful employment through practice of a company or profession and moral and spiritual enlightenment. Training for a job is strongly recommended, as it is a form of service and worship. The young women need to be provided with education, for the betterment of the society at large. It is vital at all levels of activities in both family and development skills. This education will be directed building a sense of oneness of mankind in their mind. Youth has a responsibility to develop and widen the global perspective and values based on kindness, truthfulness, justice, love and such to promote humanity as well as build a strong economic structure of the betterment of the companies and the mental stature of youth.

Corporate social responsibility activities in India brings about a new phase in the society, as they are next in line to work in a business basement. Youth are subjected to learn the various economic, social and spiritual life of the planet. It is to bring about economic stability as well as social welfare in the society. The new generation should also be taking part in various activities in implementing projects dedicated to improving the living standard of underprivileged people and uplift the quality of human life. They are encouraged to even participate on projects involving rural development or women protection.

Corporate social responsibility activities in India is not limited to just companies but the voice of the people. Each and every individual should be taught their rights and duties in order to protect the integrity as well as social structure. This new generation will establish new policies and bring about a great change in the system of Indian social, political and cultural sector. To promote the importance of education and improving health care and medical treatment to contribute to the social society is essential for the company as well. The more the development the more there will be investments.


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