‘Caste graded system a threat to democracy’

Nagpur: The Democratic Advocates Association for Constitutional Action (DAACA) had organized a discussion on ‘The challenges before the Constitution of India and parliamentary democracy and role of advocates in present scenario’, on Saturday.

The programme was held at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Mission Hall, Lashkaribagh, where ex-member of the Law Commission of India DN Sandanshiv, lawyers Sailesh Narnaware and Sanjay Patil spoke on the topic.

According to Sandanshiv, democracy in the country has come under threat especially due to caste graded system. On the current socio-political scenario in the country, he said, “Democracy in India continues to be a coat of paint on undemocratic social order.”

He also said, “The Constitution merely gives us the liberty to practice constitutional morality which is a conscience that is agitated against any form of injustice to anybody. Unfortunately, this conscience has not been developed because of the caste system.”
Sandanshiv opined that the sense of liberty, fraternity, social equality and justice which are inscribed in the Constitution have not become a reality since its enforcement in 1950. “For democracy to become a success in India, we need a political opposition which can properly exercise the power of veto. Also, a majority should not win over minorities by tyranny but by debate and discussion.”
“An individual must build his intellectual capital and it can only be done with education,” said Sandanshiv.

Source: Times of India

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