CID seeks health centre doctors details

By Dwaipayan Ghosh

KOLKATA: After an initial probe by Swasthya Bhawan revealed there are several fake doctors working in health centres across the state, the CID served notices to at least five other centres.

These centres, one of them in Kolkata, have been asked to ascertain names of doctors on their payroll.

A separate questionnaire is being prepared for a senior functionary of a central Kolkata hospital and a Swasthya Bhawan official for allegedly abetting the fakes to get clearance and character certificates that were then used to get plum appointments.

According to cops, these fakes have been practising in Kolkata, Murshidabad and Nadia and even issuing death certificates.
“Ruby General Hospital has fully cooperated with us regarding the appointment of Kaiser Alam as the RMO. We have leads that at least two officials who are no more on the payroll could provide us sufficient evidence against Alam. We are trying to contact them,” said a senior officer.
CID said they need documents regarding Alam’s exact role in the hospital, the names of those in the board that appointed him, whether his qualification, registration number and other things were verified, and if he was involved in any surgery or serious medical operation. A CID source said he didn’t even pass higher secondary. He had reportedly issued death certificates and hastened the last rites in several cases that required a post mortem and detailed police investigations while posted in north Bengal.

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