Delhi pledges a holistic approach for the restoration of our ecosystem


New Delhi : India Eye International Human Rights Observer (IHRO) celebrated World Environment Day on 5 June at Sri Sathya Sai international Centre, New Delhi. This event was organised in collaboration with United Nations Information Centre for India & Bhutan with the theme “Environment Protection in a Progressive World”.

Dr Bhure Lal, chairman, Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) was the chief guest at the event. Along with him were present many dignitaries such as S.M. Khan (director general, Registrar of Newspaper for India), Acharya Guru Karma Tanpai Rinpoche (International Bodha Dharm Guru and chief-Royal White Monastery, Europe and Nepal) and Rakesh Sharma (managing director of India Eye IHRO).

The eminent personalities inaugurated the show by performing the act of offering water (jalabhishek) to the earth and shared their perspectives on the protection of environment. Many environment lovers who attended the function vowed to safeguard the environment.

Speaking on the occasion, Rakesh Sharma said, “Environment is a treasure that needs to be preserved for the future generations. Our ancestors had handed over this treasured beauty to us; it is our duty to protect our earth and environment for our coming generations.”

“Every day should be Environment Day and every day one should promise to take care of their motherland,” added Sharma.

On reacting to American President Donald Trump’s desire of pulling out America from 2015’s Paris Climate Change agreement, he said, “Donald Trump is being selfish by threatening to withdraw from Paris Agreement. We all know that USA adjuncts the highest pollutants in the world.”

“Environment is a treasure that needs to be preserved for the future generations. Our ancestors had handed over this treasured beauty to us; it is our duty to protect our earth,” said  Rakesh Sharma.
While addressing the audience at the event Dr Lal said, “We will leave a horrible place for future generations. We cannot ignore the growth of the country but we also need to assess and evaluate the parameters that can harm the sanctity of the environment.”

“While the United States of America emits 22 metric tonnes of carbon per annum, India discharges two metric tonnes of carbon yearly. Condemning Donald Trump’s decision of withdrawingl from Paris Climate Change, he said that by the time Trump leaves office, United States would be forced to be a part of the treaty.

He expressed his concern on the pollutants that are fatal for Yamuna river. He said, “Yamuna is expecting its funeral any day. We need to work towards waste segregation and recycling reform to ensure change.”

SM Khan, proclaimed that environment protection can be ensured with “social awareness” and “social sustainability”. Highlighting the fundamental duty, Right to Life and Directive Principle of the Indian Constitution, he said, “apart from government, individual efforts are also essential in ensuring the society exists as a clean place.”

Focusing on a holistic solution, Guru Karma Tanpai Rinpoche said, “We need to work away from the selfish, ignorant and greedy politicians and businessmen that have polluted the society to an unbearable extent and ensure that every individual focuses on purifying the elements gifted to us by God.”

Leading environmentalists’ like Chandi Parsad Bhatt(Uttarakhand), Tulsi Gowda (Karnataka), Kisan Chachi (Bihar), Sant Balbir Singh Seenchewaal (Jalandhar) and many others from across the country were felicitated by Rakesh Sharma at the event.

A panel discussion on the event’s theme and prize distribution to winners under various categories like national painting, essay writing and selfie with nature competition also took place.

Source: The Sunday Guardian

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