Deploy environment marshals to combat air pollution: L-G

New Delhi: In order to combat air pollution in Delhi, Lt. Gov. Anil Baijal ordered authorities to deploy “environment marshals” in all municipal wards to ensure that laws related to the environment were enforced at the field level.

The L-G chaired a meeting to finalise an action plan to tackle the deteriorating air quality in the national capital.

In the meeting attended by Delhis Environment Minister Imran Hussain and officials from concerned agencies, the environment secretary informed Baijal about the constructive plan and regulatory plan to combat air pollution in Delhi.

According to Baijals office, the plans were divided into six categories to tackle different sources of air pollution: vehicular pollution, road dust and fugitive emissions, greening of central verges, diesel-generator sets and industries and burning of waste.

“The Lt. Gov. directed that environment marshals be deployed in municipal wards to check enforcement of environment laws at the field level,” his office said in a statement.

Baijal directed officials to circulate the plans to all government agencies so that a detailed roadmap with timelines can be prepared to fight air pollution.

“The Lt. Gov. directed that immediate action be taken to increase decentralised processing of bio-degradable waste. He advised EDMC to set up decentralised facilities for at least 600 TPD (tonnes per day) and North and South MCDs about 1,400 TPD between them by October next year,” it stated.

It also stated that the L-G emphasised that the PWD, Irrigation Department and MCDs must take up greening of central verges, roadside berms and sides of drains over the next year.

“The L-G stressed on the need of increasing the availability of public transport and encouraging the use of electric vehicles, which can help in reducing air pollution,” the statement said.

Source: India Today

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