Education policy report to be made public only after shared with states: Smriti Irani

The report of the TSR Subramanian- led Committee on evolution of a National Education Policy (NEP) will be made public only after its recommendations are shared with states and “not just for the sake of headlines”, HRD Minister Smriti Irani today said.

At a press conference here, she was asked about former Cabinet Secretary Subramanian’s letter seeking that the contents of the report be made public by the HRD ministry otherwise he would proceed to do it himself.

“This education policy will not become a legacy of one individual who seeks a headline,” she replied.

“It is the property of one lakh tens thousand villages, over 5000 blocks, over 500 districts, over 20 states that have given it to us with the confidence that any recommendation that comes to us will be shared with them before it is made a draft policy,” the HRD minister added.

She said when the process of drafting NEP was initiated, it was promised that before putting anything in public domain, the opinion of states would be taken.

“It is true, that on May 27 we got some recommendations, but still state governments have to express their opinions. So to present an incomplete thing before the people, I feel, would be an injustice. More so because we have been working in cohesion with the states, and to break this bridge just for the sake of a headline,” Irani replied.

Terming it “unfortunate that misleading or distasteful headlines are done”, Irani said she would not renege on her promise to state governments that they will have a voice in it, before it is dedicated to the nation.

When contacted for his comments, Subramanian said the views of the states as well as the committee report were all inputs for drafting of the NEP and added that “all of them should be in public space”.

He, however, emphasised that the Centre is the only entity competent to prepare the policy.


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