ERONet: Election Commission Launches Web Portal To Check Voter Duplication!

By  Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk

It will also let you sit at home and apply for changes in your voter details online!

Thanks to ERONet, a web portal launched by the Election Commission of India earlier this week, citizens can now not only register for their voter-ID cards online but also choose to change the state in which they want to enrol as a voter without going through unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. Persons can apply online throughout the entire year at any time through this portal.

For poll officials, meanwhile, this portal will help them deal with inaccuracies in voter-related information, besides preventing the proliferation of duplicate cards. In other words, the software will allow officials to discern whether the person they are enrolling in the voters’ list is a first-timer or someone who has registered multiple times across India.

“We will implement the new ERONet system in the state from Wednesday. The software will ensure that everything related to a voter is stored in a computer and the process is digitized. There is a deadline for every issue to be resolved,” said BB Swain, the chief electoral officer of Gujarat to the Times of India.

Earlier ERONet was restricted to the States, but now it will be in possession of a countrywide database, reported the publication. With such information in its possession, questions over data security take precedence.

Polling officer administering indelible ink at the finger of a female voter at a polling booth. (Source: Flickr/Public.Resource.Org)
Polling officer administering indelible ink at the finger of a female voter at a polling booth. (Source: Flickr)

The UIDAI and its subsidiaries haven’t done the best job in protecting the Aadhaar details of millions in this country. One hopes the EC has a more robust security architecture.

Under the erstwhile system, if I want to register as a voter in Karnataka, but my name is already on the Delhi voter list, I will have to approach a local booth-level officer (BLO) first, to get my name deleted from the latter list. With ERONet, I can change my details online, and the BLO in Delhi will immediately receive information through the system that I have enrolled as a voter in Karnataka.

Once online registration is complete, voters will receive a unique ID, based on which they can monitor the status of their application. The local BLO, election returning officer and supervisor will receive these applications simultaneously. Once the BLO receives the application, he/she will get in touch with the voter for the purpose of verification.

Source: The Better India

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