Forest department to build water pits for birds

Gurgaon : The forest department will create artificial watering holes for birds and animals to prevent heat-related illnesses and deaths. The pits will be 4-5 feet deep and be about 5 km apart in the forests along Gurgaon-Faridabad road, Bhondsi and Bandhwari.

M.D Sinha, conservator of forests, Gurgaon circle, said, “Every year, there are reports of birds and animals dying or falling sick due to dehydratyion. A few days back I visited a forest and found out that there were hardly any natural water holes left. We have, therefore, decided to make artificial water holes.”
The department has also prepared a plan to manage regular supply of water in the artificial holes. “These holes will be like very small ponds and will be refilled every 3-4 days,” said Sinha.
The water holes will be created in the low lying areas in the forests. “The idea is to fill natural water holes so that rain water accumulates here during the rainy season,” added Sinha.

Amit Chaudhary from People for Animals, said, “It is an excellent idea. As natural drains have been blocked, there is no water in the forest.”

Source: Times of India

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