Germany’s work in skill development can benefit the youth of India: PM

New Delhi :  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday held the fourth round of the inter-governmental dialogue to set a roadmap for the bilateral strategic ties.

Addressing the press after the talks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the two countries are looking at “outcome-oriented momentum” in ties and a “quantum jump” in economic ties.

“We are looking at outcome oriented momentum in India-Germany ties and a quantum jump, especially in economic ties. We had wide-ranging discussions today. India-Germany partnership will help our nations and also help the world,” he said.

PM Modi held wide-ranging talks with Chancellor Merkel on key issues like trade, skill development, cyber security and terrorism.

“The pace of development of our relations is fast, direction positive and destination clear. Germany will always find India as a powerful, prepared and capable partner,” Modi said at a joint press interaction after the talks.

The two sides signed a joint declaration of intent on cyberpolitics, development initiatives, sustainable urban development, continued development of cluster managers and skill development, cooperation in the field of digitalisation, cooperation in the field of railway security, promoting vocational training and continued cooperation on an Indo-German centre for sustainability.

“Germany’s extensive work in skill development, which has set the standards globally, can benefit the youth of India,” PM Modi stated.

Modi, who along with Merkel held the fourth India-Germany Intergovernmental Consultations (IGC) to set a roadmap for the bilateral strategic ties, said they conducted a comprehensive review of bilateral relations.

On her part, Merkel said India has proved to be a reliable partner and the two sides have been able to deepen cooperation.

“India has proved to be a reliable partner. We have been able to deepen cooperation

Talking about the threat of terrorism, Modi said humanitarian forces must unite to combat the menace.

Source: Times Now

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