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Soon, a data bank of doables to protect the environment that even children can take up on their own

To protect the environment, the Government is preparing a data bank of doables — which everyone, from children to senior citizens, can take up on their own, Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan has said.

Planting sapling

The Minister, who started a plantation drive here, said that the data bank will be made public to enhance awareness and to educate people on environment-related issues and create a sensitive society. “The plantation drive is a token programme. In the days to come, we are drawing up several programmes that will make our environment pollution-free,” the Minister said.

Global warming and climate change are a result of ignoring the teachings of our ancestors. Our ancestors handed over to “us a pure environment” along with some “principles of living” to protect it. “Unfortunately, we did not pay much attention to whatever our ancestors had told us. That is why today threats of climate change and global warming have risen.”

The Minister said that environment protection was in our DNA. “There is a tradition of feeding ants and birds in our country, and thus protection of flora and fauna is inherent in our culture.”

Source: The Hindu

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