India delighted to host World Environment Day: PM Modi

New Delhi:¬†Prime Minister¬†Narendra¬†Modi¬†on Sunday expressed his happiness over¬†India¬†officially hosting this year’s World¬†Environment¬†Day.

Addressing the nation on the 44th edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the¬†Prime Minister¬†said, “On the 5th of June, our nation will officially host the World¬†Environment¬†Day Celebrations. This is a very important achievement for¬†India¬†and also a recognition of India’s growing leadership in the direction of tackling climate change.”

The¬†Prime Minister¬†spoke about this year’s theme- ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and appealed to the citizens to not use low-grade polythenes,¬†plastics¬†and try to curb the negative impact of plastic pollution on the environment, wildlife and health.

He also urged people to set a target of achieving record plantation of trees with the onset of the rainy season and maintain the saplings till they grow.

Speaking about the dust storms that had engulfed the country earlier this month,¬†the Prime Minister¬†said that ‘the calamities are basically the result of the change in weather patterns.’

India and United Nations signed a document in February this year, declaring India as the Global Host of World Environment Day, 2018.

Source: Business Standard

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