India is developing a supercomputer that will predict Monsoon rainfall

Monsoon rainfall is a big issue in India. The amount of rainfall directly affects the agriculture industry for the country. Agriculture accounts for 1/5th of India’s total goods value and to ensure best results, it is absolutely vital for them to know about when and how much rainfall there will be.

The country has worked with statisticians and meteorologists to take care of Monsoon predictions. However, their predictions can be fairly inaccurate especially considering the fact that they failed to predict the drought of 2009 in India.

Now, reports suggest that the country is building a supercomputer that will be used to predict Monsoon rainfall. The supplier of the supercomputer is yet to be known but it is expected that it will be 10x faster then than the current Indian supercomputer supplied by IBM. Once the supercomputer is operational, it is expected to model the weather forecasts for 29 states in India using data from satellites, planes, and air-balloons.

The government scientists in India hope that they will have this supercomputer ready before the Monsoon season next year which arrives in June. The machine, if it works properly, would drastically improve the farming and agriculture output produced by the country.

Agriculture in Pakistan is a major source of foreign revenue. It is also responsible for the employment of half of the country’s workforce directly and indirectly. India has developed a mechanism for utilizing Monsoon rainfall to its full potential. Pakistan’s agriculture industry also requires such prediction tools to ensure best yield in agriculture.

Source: echJuice (press release) (blog)

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