‘India needs to invest in education at all levels’

The country needs to invest in education and in building human capability to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a multi-polar world, said Sanjaya Baru, former media advisor to the Prime Minister of India.

Mr. Baru, who is also distinguished fellow at the United Service Institute of India, honorary senior fellow at Centre for Policy Research, and consulting fellow for India at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, London, emphasised that India has to invest in education at all levels, and in building human capability, it needs to take advantage of the emerging shift in the global economic balance from the Western countries.

Mr. Baru was delivering the fifth N.J. Yasaswy Memorial lecture on ‘the West and the rest: the geo-economics of a multi-polar world’ at the ICFAI University campus in Hyderabad.

With Europe losing its competitiveness, Asian countries, including China and India, would soon catch up with the developed world, provided these countries invest in building human capability. The shift of the global balance of power from the West to other countries has geopolitical implications in terms of trade, environment, and intellectual property protection.

 C. Rangarajan, Chancellor of the university, agreed with Mr. Baru. Emerging technology could create problems in the western countries. Technology should assist the humans and not try to replace skilled labour, he said.

Further, Mr. Rangarajan said that the per capita income of India has to increase in the coming years in order to fast track the growth of the economy.

J. Mahender Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, recalled the contributions made by Sri Yasaswy in building a great institution and putting it on the path of excellence.

Source: The Hindu

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