India Welcomes Regional Centre Of UN University At Thiruvananthapuram

The United Nations University Regional Centre of Expertise (UNURCE) was launched by Kerala Finance Minister Dr. Thomas Isaac, in the capital of the state this Friday. The United Nations University Regional Centre of Expertise, is a part of a global network of 146 regions across various continents with a shared knowledge base and potential collaborations.

The major agendas of UNURCE includes a focus on strata of topics such as Climate Change, Health, Better Schools, Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), sustainable Livelihoods, youth development, higher education, traditional knowledge, biodiversity, disaster risk reduction, inclusive development and learning, capacity development, research and development, communications and engagement with international sustainability processes.

Stakeholders of UNURCE Thiruvananthapuram include Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) which would also serve as the official secretariat of the UNURCE office, University of Kerala, MG College, Trivandrum State Horticulture Mission, Triveni Ayurveda, Mitraniketan, Santhigram, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM-K), Society of Energy Engineers and Managers, Universities and Schools. In the face of rising challenges on various fronts of human resource management and sustainable development, the UNURCE, established by the United Nations Decade for Sustainable Development (DESD) aims to achieve these ends.

The primary goal of the RCE movement is to concentrate at the future of the global community against the backdrop of the new solutions and innovations which are taking shape in the field of sustainable development and education sector. By creating partnerships among groups and individuals as diverse as educators, researchers, policymakers, scientists, youth, and throughout the public, private and non-governmental sectors, UNURCE Thiruvananthapuram aims to provide a skeleton for the multiple stakeholders who can collaborate on a first hand basis in creating visible change in communities, especially because the stakeholders belong to most diverse streams.

So far, out of the 200 RCEs spread across the globe, only a handful exists in India such as the RCE- Srinagar, working on western Himalayas, the RCE-Arunachal on Eastern Himalayas, and the RCE-Goa on Youth empowerment. The UNURCE Thiruvananthapuram has been established with a goal to bring about inter-regional and global collaboration with other RCEs for developing joint projects, research and mechanisms by sharing and disseminating knowledge, experiences, expertise and best practices in Education for Sustainable Development.

The ultimate goal of the latest RCE is to create an interdisciplinary and multifaceted platform for promoting collaborative initiatives among the key regional stakeholders to realize the vision of a sustainable development of entire Thiruvanathapuram region.

Source: Examswatch

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