Why are so many prisoners killing themselves in India?

Suicides account for 70% of unnatural deaths in India’s prisons, according to a National Human Rights Commission study.

And while some of these are ‘genuine’ cases of suicide among inmates serving their sentences and undertrials, others are ‘passed off’ as suicides. This ‘others’ category is vast – often, people are tortured or murdered in custody, and are then passed off as having committed suicide.

The bigger tragedy is that most of these deaths go undocumented.

Now, a research survey undertaken in the jails of Rajasthan and West Bengal, by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), a Delhi-based NGO, could provide a deeper insight into why this has become a recurring trend.

Moreover, armed with statistics gathered from persistent RTI applications, the data, as submitted by the CHRI to the Supreme Court, sheds light on this most heartrending of trends.

Source: Catch News

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