Ministry announces changes in National Youth Awards

New Delhi :  Sports Minister Vijay Goel today announced several changes in the National Youth Awards structure by increasing the number of recipients and making it more broad-based and transparent in the selection process.

The National Youth Awards will henceforth be given to 25 individuals and in 10 organisations.

“The number of awards in the Voluntary Organisation category has now been increased from 1 to 10 and the prize money is Rs 2,00,000 with a trophy and certificate. The amount of money for the award in the ‘Individual’ category has also been enhanced to Rs 50,000 and will be given to 25 individuals,” the ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, only one award was given under Voluntary Organisation category, working with the youth for national development and social service.

For the first time, it has been decided that the nomination for the National Youth Awards should be received and processed through online mode, on the lines of the Padma Awards, to cover the people on pan-India basis.

Earlier, the nominations were received only through State/UT Governments with the restriction that they should nominate only five names for Individuals and two nominations in Voluntary Organisations Category.

“An applicant can apply now online directly to the Ministry on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution/SDM/DM/DC, or any officer, not below the rank of Deputy Secretary in the Government of India. An online application has been developed in consultation with MyGov team,” the ministry said.

“The final selection will be made by the 8-member Central Selection Committee, headed by the Secretary, Department of Youth Affairs and prominent and eminent personalities.” It said the “new initiatives will ensure the selection process is transparent and the restrictions in the nomination process are removed, thus making the Awards more broad-based and accessible to the deserving youth of the country”.

A new Logo for the National Youth Awards has also been released.

It has also been decided that in line with the focused approach of the Padma Award, the NYA should also be conferred for excellent work done in the specific field of activities by the youth. Accordingly, the field of activities for conferring the NYA has been categorically specified in order to have concentrated effort in those fields.

“The fields of activities in the course of youth development work are health, research and innovation, culture, promotion of human rights, art and literature, tourism, traditional medicines, active citizenship, community service, sports and academic excellence & smart learning and any other similar field,” the ministry said.

The NYA was earlier conferred for excellent work in the field of youth development activities and social service without specifying the individual fields thereby making it more general and less focused.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports confers the National Youth Award (NYA) every year to young persons to give recognition to the outstanding work and to motivate them to achieve excellence in the field on national development and social service, to encourage them to develop a sense of responsibility to the community and also to improve their own potential as a good citizen.


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