The Potential Benefits Of Peace In Doklam For India And China

By  John Elijah

Confrontations, a war of words, allegations, and counter allegations can quickly overwhelm any foreign policy expert. There is a need to find peaceful solutions to problems, no matter how big they are. Peace is a rare commodity these days. Everywhere we see, there is a conflict brewing somewhere. War has done no good to anyone, and it won’t in the future too.

Why India And China Need Peace

Asia is a continent that isn’t as developed as the rest. The continent is home to a large population of poor people. Prosperity seems to be a far-fetched dream for many people. Recent events in these two countries reflect a definite change of economic centers.

The People

The two countries, India and China, have a very high population. Therefore, the peace in Doklam would undoubtedly help improve relations between the citizens. Hopefully, the two nations would undoubtedly find ways to work together on problems in the future. I think that these two nuclear powers have a lot at stake, if they consider going against each other. Therefore, they should work on improving their diplomatic relations. Perhaps, the peace at Doklam Plateau will help enhance these relationships.

The Business

There is a lot of potential for growth between the two countries. They can help each other grow by leaps and bounds. There is a healthy business relationship between the two countries. China is good in manufacturing products and exporting products to different parts of the world, while India is an expert in IT outsourcing. Maybe peace can help the two countries collaborate with each other in business as well.

A Bright Future

Collaborations help improve the potential of any region. Therefore, it is essential that the two countries understand each other and their requirements, in order to collaborate well together. This way, they can realise their full growth and overcome any internal or external threats.

Peace is good for prosperity, well-being, and harmony. Peace at Doklam Plateau would help make things better. I believe it would have a positive impact on the whole region. Maybe other countries in the region would get a positive message as well. Therefore, I think that peace will have long-term benefits for both India and China.

Source: Youth Ki Awaaz

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