Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development changing lives of youth

CHANDIGARH: Going by the precept that India can transform only if lives of youth transform. In a bid to transform the lives of the youth, the Central Government has set up the Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Regional Centre in Chandigarh in 2014 under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, New Delhi.

The center is setting new standard in youth development and it prepared itself to strive to develop into a globally recognized and acclaimed centre of academic excellence on the challenges faced by the GenX.

While talking to Daily Post Mr Stanzin Dawa, Regional Direction of Regional Centre (RGNIYD), Chandigarh said that youth have fertile mindset which needed nurturing as well as seasoning which would go a long way not only in empowering our system but also our nation. The Centre reflected their endeavour how it has been taking care of youth and youth have also answered back its’ efforts, he said.

Dawa has revealed that during 2014-2016, the Centre has held 148 various programmes on youth development. Around 43,977 youth have been benefitted belonging to 25 States of 13 countries. In 2014-15, almost 58 per cent male were beneficiaries compared to 43 per cent female. But in 2015-16, female beneficiaries have surpassed the male beneficiaries with 53 per cent against 48 per cent male, he added. Besides, it has trained 721 in computer skills and got employment at various places, says he.

He also stated that colleges must prepare young for the shop floor. Besides skilling and upskilling the youth, there was a need for taking a relook at the academic system, he asserted.

Dwelling on the programmes he said that the Centre has introduced training of trainers on life skills; holding of workshops; professional development programme; seminars on youth work and leadership; consultations; advocacy and campaign of state youth policy and symposium on youth empowerment through skill development. He also stated that the institute was a vital resource centre for institutional capacity building, training, skill development, policy, advocacy, research, networking orientation, extension and outreach initiative for a wide range of organizations that included governments, inter-governmental, NGOs across the country.

In the present changing context it was positioning its mission and strategy to transform youth development to youth-led development, said Mr Dawa. In the coming days, the institute would realize youth’s potentials to create a just society and would be fully responsive to the national agenda for inclusive growth and aspirations, he asserted.

Going beyond the script, it has taken such initiatives that have succeeded in leaving its impact on two dozens of issues. It has produced high performing youth work professionals including UNVs besides empowered youth through its skill development programme. It has also developed National Service Scheme (NSS) curriculum for the University Grant Commission (UGC).

Source: Punjab News Express

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