Skill development program proves to be a lifeline for Chhattisgarh youth

Jashpur, Chhattisgarh : Several regions of Chhattisgarh have been worst hit by Naxalism as we have heard earlier. But now, it seems that dwellers in this region have pledged not to surrender themselves and fight back! Jashpur is turning out to be one such example. Under the aegis of Pradhanmantri Skill Development Programme, tribals of a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG) Pahadi Korwa, are availing skill development programs to the fullest and also grabbing employment for themselves. So far, this tribe was largely dependent on agriculture and labour but now they are paving their way out. Now, the youth of this tribe are undergoing rigorous training in various professions such as security guard officials and fire fighting. Post completion of their training, these youth are just not able to fulfill their daily needs, but are also earning Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 thousand per month.

Source: Hindustan Times

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