Still a man’s world! 55 per cent working Indians prefer men over women as co-workers

By Glynda Alves

When it comes to the workplace, it looks like men are still favoured over women, according to a survey by a leading HR service. While gender equality in the workplace has been a focal point globally for the past few years, 55 per cent of respondents from India indicated that men are favoured over women.

When asked for preference, 70 per cent of the male respondents mentioned that they prefer a man as direct manager and that 87 per cent actually have one currently. The figures deviate among women: only 41 per cent respondents prefer a male as a direct manager and 50 per cent actually have one currently.

On a more positive note, team diversity was appreciated by all employees globally, with 89 per cent from India stating that they preferred to work in a gender-diverse team. Around 86 per cent said that gender-diverse teams perform and achieve better results than single gender teams.

Source: Economic Times

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