Why it’s time to invest in India: Experts

Big names like Amazon are betting on India and investors should as well, two experts said Wednesday.

The e-commerce giant announced Tuesday it will invest an additional $3 billion into its India operations, bringing its total investment in the country to $5 billion.

“You hear U.S. industrials talking about the opportunities in India and clearly India has replaced China,” Tim Seymour, managing partner of Triogem Asset Management, said in an interview with CNBC’s “Power Lunch.”

He thinks it is a story that is only getting better.

“Inflation in India hasn’t really structurally been this low ever. If there’s one country in the world that benefits the most from low-commodity prices, it’s arguably India. They are growing industrially.”

The country is also increasing its oil demand, noted Seymour, who is also a “Fast Money” contributor.

Rob Lutts, founder and chief investment officer of Cabot Wealth Financial, said that while there have been a lot of headwinds over the past couple of years, the young democracy in the country is really expanding.

“We see great growth potential in the future,” he told “Power Lunch.”

In fact, India’s stock market has outperformed the S&P 500″dramatically” over the decades. Since it has underperformed in the last five years, he believes it is ideal time to get involved.

Lutts likes the financial services sector and believes most of the consumer sectors have a lot of upside.


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