Will The Youth Of Today Finally Put India Back On The Map?

By Kriselle Fonseca

Turns out you don’t need an MBA to run the country, and in some cases, you might not even need an educational qualification! Have a criminal record to your name? No problem! Killed a person or two at some point in your life? There’s still a spot for you!

It’s no secret that India was at the forefront on the global stage, but in recent times, has fallen off the rails. And it’s no secret that demonetization and the sky-rocketing crime rate, particularly against women, might have been our biggest bullets. When it comes to demonitisation, our lack of preparedness was questioned, and when it comes to our crime rate, our humanity is questioned. But there are so many issues that we are yet to tackle, there are so many miles to go before we can actually celebrate. But will the current generation take one for the team?

Let’s focus on what do you need to become successful leaders. Education? Most definitely yes! You need a basic education to survive. The good news for us is that literacy levels have been on a steady rise, and the increasing demand for education is a ray of hope. And as a generation that has probably ‘seen it all’, they’re most certainly aware of the problem areas.

The youth constitute for a staggering 34 % of the total population, and if these 34% take active participation in politics, we’d already be off to a good start. They have the power to change and their education programs must aim to teach them the importance of good governance. Every individual holds some kind of power, irrespective of their cast, creed, orientation, or religion.

Fortunately, the youth of today are progressive thinkers, so they can eliminate any sort of discrimination which is still prevalent in our country. Any malpractices that might harm the interests of those around you can be rid of, if the youth decide that it’s time for a change. We need to be more accepting of people’s life choices, without any judgment or hate and this would make it possible for the country to co-exist in harmony.

Corruption is inevitable, not only in our country but throughout the world. Hence, initiatives to fight corruption and develop anti-corruption strategies must be implemented. And more importantly, the youth must be encouraged to do the same. The government must take interest and give the youth opportunities to be heard, encourage youth towards politics and disseminate information at the grassroot level. The rate of corruption and crimes against people who have something to say about political parties or concerned individuals gives the youth enough reasons to shy away from being change makers.

Above all, change needs happen at the individual level. If there’s a bad habit or an ill practice that isn’t beneficial to you, make that change and let it go – we need problem solvers, not aggravators. Rise above social challenges and be fearless. When we talk about development, it shouldn’t only entail infrastructure, it should happen at an economic, individual and social level too. And with our involved, educated and knowledgeable generation of youth, India will certainly become a developed country someday.

Source: Youth Incorporated

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