Yamaha helps in skill development in India

Chennai: Yamaha Motor runs Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing to provide technical training to the youth in Tamil Nadu capital Chennai.

It is one of the manufacturing skills training programs promoted by the Japanese and Indian governments.

This program proposes to develop a Japanese level of manufacturing talent of 30,000 persons within ten years.

Yamaha Motor NTTF Training Center is providing training to forty men and women from rural areas.

After enrollment at Yamaha Motor Chennai plant, combined with practical training, the trainees also learn Japanese-style manufacturing in the classroom.

After four years, the trainee can receive a certification as an associate degree.

A student at Yamaha Motor NTTF Training Center said, “I’m happy because I’m learning. I’m studying, getting the skills and then I’ll be able to support my family”.

Another student said, “I’m quite confident that Yamaha training center will give me a bright future. I’m sure that I can accomplish something big in my life”.

Mukesh Kumar, Vice-President of India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. said, “Seen their progress within one month of their roping program, these people are very courageous. So result is very encouraging. Possibly we will be able to expand in the future year by year”.

Riuji Kawashima, Deputy Managing Director, India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd said, “We started this school for two purposes: One to promote employment and education, and the other to contribute to the community. I can say it is a very good activity for all of our employees, and it boosts their motivation”.

The Chennai plant of India Yamaha Motor has reached a milestone of producing a million units of two wheelers.

The company is not only helping to contribute in the manufacturing sector but helps to train the required skills for the sector.

Source: Outlook India

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