Automatic water readers to help streamline supply

Coimbatore: City’s water supply system will soon turn smart with 1,200 automated water meters to be installed at the Race Course area that will not just record the water consumption, but also help the city corporation collect water usage information of residents.

The corporation had three months ago set up five automated water readers in the Singnallur area. After their successful implementation, the corporation now plans to extend the initiative to ward number 73 in Race Course.

 “At present, water meter reading is taken manually. Sometimes, due to manpower shortage, reading is taken once in six months. So, there is a cash flow restriction. Manual readings are prone to errors. Also, due to the delay in meter readings, there are several system errors. In many locations, the meters are not functional and need repair. So, we have to use the previous month’s readings,” said assistant engineer of the corporation A Senthil Bhaskar.
The meters, which will be set up by the end of this month, will use long range wireless technology to connect to a server located in the ward office, where the readings will be recorded. As per the engineers of the corporation, one meter will be set up in the water feeder tank and others at residences. “If the meters malfunction, we get to know it immediately,” said the official.
While a software can record the reading, the corporation is yet to find a way to inform residents about their water usage charges. Officials will still have to visit residences and enter the readings in the card provided to the residents. “In future, we will feed the address and communication details of all the residences in the software. They would get a message or they can check online about their charges and usage,” said an official.

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