Environmental protection is national responsibility: Murmu

Jharkhand Governor Droupadi Murmu today said environmental protection is a national as well as international responsibility.

“It s a moral as well as social responsibility for each and every citizen of the country and the globe,” Murmu said while speaking on the occasion of the 3rd International Conference on Environment and Ecology at St Xavier s College here.

Thanking the organizers, she said St Xavier s College Ranchi, is a glorious Institution of the state and has produced many positive thinkers of the society in the form of administrators, researchers, academicians, doctors.

Murmu said from time immemorial the sages chanted Rigveda – and it was their vision that earth should be in peace, our plants be in peace, our medicines be in peace.

“And thus our everything should be in peace. In tribal culture, the people worship plants, rivers and mountains as their God. The ongoing Sarhul, Baha Bonga & Karma festivals are the indicators of love towards nature. They love nature, protect nature, they preserve nature and finally they conserve nature. They are the real protectors of the Ecology and Ecosystems,” she said.

She said it is worth mentioning that Jharkhand is blessed with scenic and natural beauty with considerable forest coverage and the inhabitants are the lovers of nature.

These people are the sources of inspiration.

Department of Botany of St Xavier s College, Ranchi and International Foundation for Environment and Ecology, Kolkata who have jointly organised this Conference are to be credited for this great work, she said.

“It is our prime duty to have a balance between environment and development. The educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities must introduce environmental education with a view to implementing the programme ‘Catch Them Young’ in order to make our students aware regarding the need to protect our Mother Earth,” she said.

The idea, she said, is to create environment friendly and sustainable jobs by solving the problems related to unemployment and pollution together.

She said that the present need is to create jobs in the areas of plantation, afforestation, nursery development, horticulture, recycling, waste management, alternate and renewable energy besides production and maintenance of pollution control equipments.


Source: India.com

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