India overturns 150-year-old ban on same-gender sex

By Ravinder Bawa

In a landmark decision, India’s top court has decriminalized same-gender sex.

It overturned a 150-year-old colonial-era law that was being enforced to this day.

The celebrations started in the lawns of the Supreme Court in Delhi as soon as it legalized same-sex relations between consenting adults. The members of the Community present in the court were ecstatic and emotional when they knew their right to love is not criminal anymore.

“I was expecting it and was calm last night but when it was announced I was emotional as I think it was difficult for us to bear it anymore,” said Rituparna Borah a gay rights activist.

The court instructed the government to publicize its order to helps give wide publicity to eliminate the stigma attached to the LGBT community. The court said that any consensual sexual relationship between two consenting adults: homosexuals, heterosexuals or lesbians cannot be said to be unconstitutional.

“The Supreme Court has based on the article 14 and article 15 article 19 and 21, article 14 is about equality and article 15 non discrimination 19 is about freedom and 21 is about privacy and dignity and the court said that the LGBT cannot be denied all these rights,” said Anand Grover a lawyer.

As the joy of the community settles down after reaching the first milestone on the path of equality they realize that they still have a long way to go before they can reach their goals.

“While this is a very good verdict I am very happy it is first step in a long battle we have to fight for marriage rights and social rights and abortion rights and social equality. We have to constantly keep fighting but it is an important day,” said Kabir Trivedi a gay rights activist.

While the fights for rights will still be on after this historic judgment, there is optimism that love will win finally.

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Source: CGTN America

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