Governor stresses on proper environment for Start up campaign

Jharkhand Governor Droupadi Murmu today stressed on igniting imagination and creating an enabling environment for the Start up India campaign.

Addressing a Start up India campaign workshop, Murmu said Start-Up as a concept was as old as human civilization — from pastoral activities like hunting and gathering to today’s Supercomputers and space shuttles were all start ups.

“A tea stall or vegetable vendor is as much a start up as also the big companies like Google or Apple… All these huge companies began from country-side garages,” she said.

Stating that everyone calls Jharkhand a rich state, she asked then why is there so much poverty and inequality and why is Jharkhand a fertile ground for Left Wing Extremism?

“The answers to these questions must come from our collective conscience. People in Jharkhand may be poor but as you showed me in your presentation, they are rich in their enterprise and imagination,” she said.

The job of the government and the job of the civil society was to ignite that imagination and create an enabling environment for the start up option, she added.

“This is what our Hon’ble Prime Minister dreams about. India can be vibrant only when every Indian is vibrant. Every Institution is vibrant,” she said.

“What I saw in your presentation today is extremely fulfilling to me. Extremism is in the wane. That throws up an opportunity to be encashed. The time has come for a thousand flowers to bloom. The MUDRA scheme of the Government of India has come at the right time,” the Governor said.

Saying that time has come for the Government to stand up for entrepreneurs by going the extra mile, she said it was an entrepreneur, who creates job and wealth for our society.

Rajya Sabha member Harivansh said there had been historic turnarounds and he saw some reflection (in Start Ups) and in future more could be seen of it, helping development in Jharkhand and the country.

Industry Director Ravi Kumar said the government was ready to support start-ups and there was a venture of hundred crore rupees to fund start-ups and it would be completed in this fiscal.

The Circle Head of Punjab National Bank, P K Pradhan, extended all support, including soft rate of interest for Start-Ups.

The Jharkhand governor felicitated start-ups like Pitstop Street, ABCD Kart, Jharkhand IT Solutions, Unique Collection, HFHC, Milestone Brand Promotion & Advertisement and Bholeshankar Cargo Mover, a press release said.

Source: Business Standard

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