Civic environment report not yet approved by general body

The civic body has still not forwarded the annual environmental status report (ESR) 2015-16 to the state government, as the general body has still not approved it. The next general body meeting has been scheduled on September 21.
Mayor Sudhakar Sonawane said that the report was not final yet but the administration claimed that the annual green report has been prepared as per data given by various government agencies and expert study.

Civic sources said that as per the rule book, the report needs to be approved before submitting to the government. This year the report was published around July-end and has a window period of 90 days for approval, they added.
In case the general body does not approve the report, the administration can still forward it to government, probably with a caveat, but “this has never happened before”, said civic sources.
It has asked the general body what other changes can be made to the report.

Divya Vaibhav Gaikwad, first-time NCP corporator, said she had strong objections to the way the study has been conducted.
“I have objections to certain parameters for loss during drinking water distribution, pollution norms and the number of dengue cases being reported but due to shortage of time, the matter will come up later,” said Gaikwad.
 The corporator added that a private hospital claimed it has around 10 times more number of dengue cases than listed but NMMC “passed it on as just suspected cases”.

The administration clarified that the report is prepared after various departments go through the data and hold discussions. They source data on pollution and vehicles from state government agencies.

 “There can be a claim otherwise, but we do carry out a detailed study,” said civic sources.
 Source : The Times of India

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