Indian catfish farm installs BioFishency filter system

New Delhi: Israeli company BioFishency recently put its second installation in India: a water filtration system near New Delhi on a catfish farm comprised of 14 tanks with a total capacity of 268 cubic meters of water.

“Our core technology is a recycling system that allows for growing fish in locations where water is scarce or polluted because the water can be used again and again,” explains CTO Igal Magen.

BioFishency’s all-in-one water treatment system operates with all different aquaculture methods and enables fish growers to upgrade their existing facilities while using installed infrastructure and working methods.

“We target the type of customers that bigger companies neglect,” Magen tells ISRAEL21c. “The majority of aquaculture is done in developing countries, and our system requires minimal infrastructure and expertise. We offer low-cost plug-and-play systems with a small footprint and low maintenance, yet their efficiency is higher than our competitors’ systems.”

BioFishency units are currently installed on fish farms in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, the Congo, Nigeria, Israel and the Palestinian Authority territories.

BioFishency was founded in 2013 and operates within The Trendlines Group in the northern town of Misgav.

Source: ISRAEL21c

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