The Joint Efforts of Charity, Rural Education and NGOs Help in the Development of India

By Ayat Ahadi

Kolkata : India has only seen 66 years after its independence. It is not at all easy or any nation to solve the entire social, economical, and socio-economic issues at once. It is simply impossible. But India is a country which has fought and is still fighting for its rights. One of the biggest rights that India is in need today is the right to education. The Government has made all the facilities available to provide the required and the necessary education but the scenario changes in urban and rural India. Yes, it is true. To overcome the situation there are many NGO in India that have contributed towards spreading the light of education in the rural areas.

With the help of the charity education India it is possible to provide education among the complete rural population of India. They have studied and found out the areas that are badly in need of social awareness and education. It is not simple to bring rural development in a country like India because here people are still living with their old beliefs. It is very difficult to change the mind of the people without the correct and the right type of education.

Eradicate the curse of illiteracy

To make India literate and to eradicate the curse of illiteracy you have to make people aware of the advantages that education has. You can make the use of the charity in India and make the arrangements to provide the needy people with the required education. With the help and the hard work of the NGO in India like FTS India it is possible to erase illiteracy from India. Every citizen irrespective of the sex and creed would be offered with quality education.

Increase the educational Awareness

It is very important to bring educational awareness among the rural population of India. The education NGO has made all the arrangements to provide the rural and the tribal people with the minimum basic education. The primary education has been made mandate for every citizen o India and under the law every children living in rural and the tribal areas would receive education. The rural education aims at offering the rural population with the quality basic education. There is no age bar for the rural people to be a part of the rural schools and receive education. The same thing is applicable for the tribal education as well. Any one and everyone could be a part of the tribal schools. The aim of bringing educational awareness among the people is to make them a good social human being.

Making people realize their Potential

The people can realize their skills and potential with the help of the education. It is charity in India that can make the rural areas a better place to live in. the rural schools offer all round education to the rural people. The facilities that the charity education India offers are sports, computer, noon meals, and library and so on. The main aim of the rural schools is not only to provide academic education but to offer education that will provide them healthy habits as well.

Source: Good Herald

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