Religious acceptance is a thing of past, can India replenish it?

The fact can’t be ignored that today India is one of the fastest growing democracies in the world but it has failed to create a working environment where people can “work together and live together”. The manpower planning experts and economists are happy to project India as a young emerging democracy and showcase demographic dividend. But what is left unachieved is the scope to avail these opportunities, generate professionals who are strong, competent as well as ethically powerful. Instead, the young generation is pushed today, to work at places where neither the society nor the system is accepting change. The reason why ancient India underwent globalization was its culture and values and most importantly its belief in the unity of all religions and individuals. Their respect towards diverse languages and Gods. But today, when the intermingling of cultures and religions is gaining momentum, many Western societies are finding it difficult to overcome the turmoil of religious acceptance which drives them towards global insecurity. Thus, escalating the growth of more deadly weapons of devastation.

The world is fast undergoing an erosion of human and democratic values. And those who are getting majorly affected are, of course, human beings and economies. The only ray of hope that is visible is global education. Well, it isn’t too easy; the process of universal education is also laying down challenges before the policy makers. There is insufficiency in providing education which will help in the manifestation of a human being towards perfection. It makes every Indian proud about how the world expects Indian to take a lead in this process.

In this era of globalization which is marked by materialism, India does need to transform its education system. It calls for India to mold its education system into one which respects cultural diversity and accepts it as a gift of God. We need instauration rather than merely following the western framework. It is often wondered why India did not do so at the time of Independence which was the perfect opportunity.

Perhaps those who mattered the most that time were already impressed by the western models rather than noticing the intellectual achievements of the Indian society much before the others.  They were the Hindus. The past achievements, heritage, and history of India is surely a thing of pride for every Indian irrespective of his cast. It is acknowledged all around the world but unfortunately ignored in India itself that Hindus have the heart to welcome all other faiths , help them construct their religious places and let them follow their  religion at par with others.

The most important feature of the Hindu civilization was its diversity and the acceptance to move with time. The most sanctified task today for the Hindus is to transform its education system to prepare men and women who are equal, work equal and stand equal.


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