Technology and investments in healthcare are the two areas where India has progressed very rapidly

Dr. Nandakumar Jairam, Chairman & Group MD, Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt, Ltd., Bangalore, talks to ETHealthworld on how Indian healthcare sector has grown over the years.

1. Where is Indian healthcare placed by way of ethics?

There is a strong need for the industry to develop itself in ethics. There are players in the country who are extremely ethical and also those who are not. Today unfortunately in India there is nothing that governs ethics as strictly as we should. I have been involved in informing ethical practise in the country from the very day of my existence and will continue to do so.

I would like to say that the initiative that NatHealth has taken in terms of developing the codes of ethics and promoting it is indeed laudable.

2. How do you see the growth in this sector?

Indian healthcare sector is at an inflection point because today we find tremendous surge in health insurance both social as well as private and this gives us an opportunity to really grow in the industry. The corporate health sector in India is here to stay. We believe we can offer healthcare not only to this country but to the world.

3. Please elaborate on your model of work?

Our group believes in efficiencies with electronics and therefore all our medical records and every part of the hospitals function is paperless from day one. I am proud to say that we are one of the first to become paperless in this country. Our model is developed on the concept of clusters.

We believe in establishing medium sized hospitals between 100-200 beds in the urban parts of the country, metros and tier two cities and we would be providing multi speciality care with clustering. We have currently established this in the Bangalore and look forward to doing this in Pune as well as in Kolkata.

4. What are the areas in which India has remarkably progressed?

Technology and investments into biomedical infrastructure are the two areas where India has progressed very rapidly. It is fair to say that we still rely substantially on multinational players for establishing such infrastructure but have the opportunity to grow this piece within the country. I am also here to say that in coming years we would definitely have our presence in the manufacturing sector as well as in other areas of medical infrastructure.

5. Tell us about your expansion plans?

We are aggressive in our growth in the country. We are not only an Indian healthcare player but we are actually a global healthcare player with group having hospitals in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and now we have set foot in Kenya and Africa. In India we are aggressively growing in the Pune, Kolkata and perhaps in the NCR areas as well in the future.


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