USAID will walk with India on health, clean water and fighting TB

By Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury

In an interview with Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury, Mark Green — who accompanied Ivanka Trump to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad — also said the entrepreneurial spirit displayed at the summit will drive USAID projects in India in future


The Global Entrepreneurship Summit has epitomised Indo-US partnership and friendship and showcased tremendous entrepreneurial talent in India. USAID is willing to walk with India rather being prescriptive to achieve its dream. In a span of five decades India has made remarkable progress from being an aid recipient to an exporter of key items including food and USAID is working with India in third countries including in Africa to make them self-reliant, the agency’s worldwide administrator Mark Green, who accompanied Ivanka Trump to Hyderabad told ET’s Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury:

Edited excerpts:

Mr Green you participated at the GES in Hyderabad — symbol of new era of Indo-US economic partnership. What does GES signify for USAID in India. How will it influence USAID projects in India in the coming years?
I have no doubt that the entrepreneurial spirit displayed at the GES will drive USAID projects in India in future. Indo-US share the most strategic relations in the world today. US – the oldest democracy and India – largest democracy – values that we share make us comfortable partners. It is the partnership involving people of the two great countries where private enterprise plays a key role.

What are USAID plans to support women entrepreneurs in India?

No democracy can be called a real democracy if it fails to lift half of its population. USAID has focussed on tapping potential of women entrepreneurs including in India. And empowered women can make big difference in societies. Presidential Envoy Ivanka Trump was enthusiastic when she spoke at GES on Tuesday when she referred to realising untapped potential of women entrepreneurs. PM Modi whom I listened for the first time in person spoke with passion and enthusiasm about role of women women entrepreneurs.

Can you elaborate on Indo-US projects in third countries in Africa? How can these projects help to stabilise the continent amid a certain financing model of projects that is pushing some African countries into a debt trap? Will USAID plan to partner India in third countries including in SE Asia & Afghanistan for development projects?

India has witnessed a remarkable progress from an aid recipient to an export of aid and key items like food over a period of 50 years. It is a phenomenal success that be shared and replicated. USAID is working with India in Africa, Afghanistan and SE Asia and willing to partner India to develop a model that will make countries self-reliant. The process of self-reliance can lead to prosperity. India brings its model and USAID brings its experience to empower Africa. India is already third largest donor to Afghanistan, helping women to empower and this is remarkable progress.

Does USAID have any plan to fund India’s ongoing and proposed connectivity projects in the Indo-Pacific region?
USAID can certainly consider specific connectivity projects based on what a recipient country would desire. It will solely depend on the wish list and at a request of the prospective recipient country.

What are new areas in India that USAID is planning to support?
USAID is willing to consider areas that would be helpful India’s development and growth process from health sector to provisioning of clean water. We will not dictate but walk with India. Fighting tuberculosis is a priority for PM Modi and USAID is willing to partner India to combat this health challenge.

Source: Economic Times

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