‘Youth should enter politics to make India grow’

Youth for Swachh Warangal organises open debate on youth in politics

WARANGAL: Youth for Swachh Warangal, a voluntary organisation that has been working to resolve several public issues, held an open debate on youth in politics, in which like-minded youngsters took part on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, political science professor Madhusudhan Reddy said politics was a process where the problems faced by the citizens were solved in a meaningful and innovative way. The present political system, which was deteriorating day by day, would see a positive change only when the educated youth took active part in it. “You do not need to affiliate with any political party to enter politics. Bringing to light the issues faced by the citizens in your surroundings and resolving them by bringing to the notice of the concerned authorities is also a way of being in politics,” he said.

President of Youth for Swachh Warangal, Pavan Thota, said in a country like India where 70% of the population was 35 years and under, it was disappointing to see very few youngsters in both the assemblies. “Development of this nation is possible only when youth, who have the potential, enter politics. As long as we remain mute spectators, India will never be a developed nation,” he said.

Source: The Hindu

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