How This Youth Initiative In Maharashtra Is Helping Students Stay In School

By  Anuja Salwatkar

Studying in our respective home town/village school, migrating to other places for higher education and jobs, struggling to increase our bank balance is the life of every common man. But working for those who are still struggling to get into the mainstream is rare.

Many children do not make it to school and among those who make it, not many stay on. According to data put out by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), the national dropout rate at the primary level was 4.34% in 2014-15, and it was even higher at the secondary level, at 17.86%.

How will these children take their lives forward? Lacking skills, education and guidance – it’s a battle for a lifetime.
Poverty, availability and accessibility are three big reasons why children drop out of school. To cope with two of the mentioned reasons, an initiative has been taken by the youth of Pimpri Khandare, Maharashtra.

With the motive of overall development of the village, the village youth (even those who are working in other cities), assembled themselves. Instead of relying on the government for funds, they chalked out a programme to create a students welfare fund. They got in touch with every youth of the village through social media group. The group has 60 members. They created a tagline “Not for anyone, but only for Pimpri’s next generation”.  According to their tagline, they brought their plan into the effect.

The youth of Pimpri khandare village, Maharashtra assembled themselves to work for the next generation of their village.

Every youth of this village who works and earns, sends money for the betterment of the village.They managed to collect money through this group.The 30 members of this group collected ₹30,000 and decided to do shramdan (volunteer work) to transform the school. They got together and worked hard for three consecutive days to transform the old school classrooms into active digital classrooms.

Green boards were fixed, proper lights were arranged and with the help of Mr Raju Kendre managed to get projector for the school through Eklavya foundation which made the school digital.

Students sitting in their new digital classroom with the village youths who did shramdan so

Looking at the much needed change the students studying in the school generated a ray of positive future. The school life age is the best phase of our life. Everyone cherish it. Our heart beats for those days but despite of that we are excited of going into the new phase. Unforgettable memories is the best adjective for school journey and reflecting back to the old days and working for it can be a relaxing therapy in this fast world.

School life is the best period of human carvation – for transforming a mere living being into a human. Striving to make this phase of life more interesting and knowledgeable this youths are striving. And if every youth gets inspire from this initiative developed India is not too far.

As youths discovered in Pimpri Khandare, a small change by a social media group like shramdan can make such attitudes eventually cascade to a radically different, and much more equal world. This is something we should all work for. Something we should all work for.

Source: Youth Ki Awaaz

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