‘Conserve the environment to gift it to younger generation’

Coimbatore: There is a need for everyone to contribute their mite to conserve the environment, which is a gift to be passed on to the younger generation, NGT Principal bench Judge Dr Jawad Rahim said.

“Everyone of us has the onus to contribute our little mite to leave less carbon footprints, save water and to keep air clean, to pass it on to coming generation,” the National Green Tribunal Judge said

He was speaking at a national seminar on ‘Emerging Trends in Green Technologies’ at Avanashilingam University for Women here.

Comparing nature to a bee hive, Dr Rahim that as long as one does not harm nature it remains benevolent to humankind.

“Once we touch the beehive, all the bees attack us. In the same way if we conserve and respect Mother Nature, it gives it bounty to us.”

Urging the students to innovate and excel in technical research, he stressed the importance of segregating waste and not allowing biodegradable waste out of homes He requested participants to switch over to LED lights to reduce global warming because of lesser heat release.

Stating that the NGT was stringent on those who violate environmental laws, he said as far as Delhi is concerned, the national capital has poor air quality.

He also spoke of how use of technology can help in saving the atmosphere and environment.

Dr Rahim also gave practical solutions to reduce chromium, fecal matter and pollutants from water resources and urged participants to introspect and take steps to save water, electricity and energy.

Source: India.com

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